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BubbleBead Filters remove most free floating algae but some algae cells are too small (< 5 microns) to be captured by the filters.

Using a UV unit will guarantee full control of green water algae.

The sizing chart here, shows the appropriate wattage of unit.

Very high levels of UV can also be used for control of waterborne
bacteria and parasites.

Most designs of UV unit can be plumbed into the return pipework to the pond. UV units and fittings must be at least as large as the main filter outlet to prevent undesirable backpressure and restriction of flow.



Where the filter has to be mounted in a low site the XS/Manual models should be used. Hydraulic Valve models will not function correctly if the inlet is sited below the adjacent pond level.



The internal strainers on the BubbleBead Filters are not intended to handle coarse solids over 2 mm in size.

This is not an issue if the filter-pump incorporates a strainer screen of 2 mm gauge or less, or if the BubbleBead is being used after other forms of filtration where large solids have been removed. However, when solids handling pumps are used, some form of additional strainer is essential.


Various strainer options are possible:


Use an additional pump strainer of gauge less than 2mm

Fit the pump inside a closed basket made from mesh with gauge of 2mm or less (e.g. �FinoFil� pond baskets)

Use an in-line coarse strainer with backwash facility to strain out coarse particles.

Use a proprietary self-cleaning strainer e.g. ‘The EstroSieve’, ‘The UltraSieve’ or similar.

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Use a vortex unit or skimmer box pre-filter e.g. with brushes.




These high quality European pumps are ideal for larger filters, koi pools and recirculation systems.
Sturdy, external mounting pumps
Efficient motors and impellors
Excellent volume output for power usage
Quieter running
Complete with strainer pot and 1½” socket unions (solvent & pressure)
The clear strainer pot cover can be removed without the need for special lid tools, and the pump has drain-points for winter storage.

Pump models


Pump Max Head m

Output @ 2m headLPM (gph)

Output @ 4m headLPM (gph)

Hydro HP





¼ HP (180W P2)


220 (2900)

205 (2700)


1/3 HP (240W P2)


315 (4150)

280 (3690)


½ HP (370W P2)


350 (4600)

305 (4020)


¾ HP (550W P2)


400 (5280)

350 (4600)


1 HP (740W P2)


450 (5900)

415 (5470)


1½ HP (1100W P2)


500 (6600)

465 (6100)

All pumps are single phase, 220v.
(Three phase motors are available to order on ½HP and larger). Download an information sheet (with prices) from our downloads section.
HGS Range
These pumps have larger strainer pots, and larger 2” bore fittings for greater flow rates. They are available in ½HP to 3HP sizes, single or three-phase. Please contact us if you require further information.
High Quality tanks in high-impact UV stabilised polyethylene
Extra-strong with thick walls requiring less support than similar tanks
Easily cleaned with rounded corners, conical base and built-in sump
Dark Green and Royal Blue (Koi Vat Colour)
Nestable for storage and transport
Metal stand option available if required
Four different sizes
Our Polytank information sheet has full dimensions and prices, see our downloads section.

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