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The Feature-Packed BubbleBead Filter


Biological and mechanical filtration in one unit

Sparkling water clarity


Removes fine solids to below 15 microns

Highly efficient breakdown of wastes

Massive effective surface area of special bead media for biological activity

over 600,000 beads per cubic foot

Patented backwash process

Unique necked design ensures thorough wash and breaks up clumped beads

Air-suction design - NO air blower required

Waste is drawn through the base outlet

Flushes wastes away in minutes
without upsetting biological activity

Proven loading rates

Feed rates based on university research

Compact and suited to remote siting

No need to excavate

Run using efficient pumps

Pumps require a strainer.

Ideal as a stand-alone filter or used to boost existing filtration

Versatile units can be used alongside other equipment

Manual or automatic models to suit individual requirements

All models feature the simple and time-saving backwash (‘BubbleWash’) procedure

Eight models available to match varying feed rates
e.g. koi daily feed rates of 225 gm to 2 Kg*
pond volumes from under 4,000 litres to 100,000 litres

(* see the aquaculture information sheet regarding higher possible loadings)


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