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Normal Running

Water is pumped up through the bed of floating beads

The beads pack tightly to filter out fine solids

The massive surface area of the beads supports beneficial bacteria that break down fish waste



On Manual models, the control valve is simply turned to ‘waste’ and the backwash process starts.

On Hydraulic Valve models, the backwash starts automatically when the pump is turned off.

The one-way air inlet valve opens automatically as the waste water starts to flush out of the waste outlet.

The BubbleWash process begins. The beads tumble clean in a cascade of airbubbles and dirt is drawn out through the screen as water leaves the filter by gravity.

After the Backwash

On Manual models, the control valve is turned to ‘run’ and the filter starts to refill.

On Hydraulic Valve models, once the pump is restarted, a final short rinse of the waste pipework takes place, then the waste outlet closes automatically and the filter starts to refill.

Once the filter has refilled, filtration continues as normal until the next backwash.


Hydraulic Valve System

In this patented valve system the backwash is controlled automatically by simply turning the pump on or off.
Simply wire the pump through an appropriate timer for a fully automatic backwash.
No expensive solenoid valve is required.

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