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The following images are available for download:

for use in magazine editorials and

for use by retailers in brochures and websites where the filters are being promoted,

No further permission is required for these uses.

(Please ask in advance regarding any other uses).

The Full BubbleBead Range

The Full BubbleBead Range

Download Here

The Backwash Process

Download Here

BubbleBead Model 1.5

Download Here

BubbleBead XS Range

Download Here

HydroProGreen Pumps

Download Here

Dealer Support Materials

Demo Models
High Quality Demonstration models are available for shop and trade-show use. These are a working cut-away model based on a miniature version of the manual models and come complete with a high-quality support stand/storage box, and full colour informative card backing - just add a small pond pump.

Customers really appreciate the opportunity to see how the BubbleBead system works, close-up, and a demo-model should be see as a valuable tool for sales staff.

They are available to purchase at cost price through the main or sub-distributors, and the value of the demo model will be refunded against future trade orders once a set number of filters have been purchased.

Demo Model information sheets (207 KB)

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